SERVICES – what can college admissions consulting do for you?

CAC Consultants are trained professionals who have helped hundreds of students navigate the college application process. Where you choose to attend college is a life changing decision and our consultants will help take the stress out of this process. We’ll be with you all the way.

Our clients are seeking admission to all types of institutions; highly selective, selective, public, private and specialized majors (Fine Arts, Music, Theatre, and Dance). We also find creative solutions for the hard to place student.

The bottom line: your application must distinguish itself from thousands of others. It has to showcase your individuality and demonstrate your strengths. It must be impressive and working with College Admissions Consulting will give you that edge.

You may be wondering when it’s a good time to start working with a college consultant. We’ve indicated each service and the grade in which we feel it makes sense to begin working with College Admissions Consulting.



Student Profile Analysis

CAC consultants have reviewed thousands of student profiles which include: high school transcript, standardized test scores and student activities / work experience. We understand the holistic review process conducted by colleges during the application evaluation. We will guide students throughout high school so they feel empowered to make informed decisions about their curriculum choices, opportunities for leadership and student activity participation.


High School Curriculum Planning

The high school courses a student takes is a very important component of the application. Admissions counselors will be thinking, “Did they take advantage of their high school curriculum?”, “Did they challenge themselves?”, “Did they take the correct courses for their intended major?” We review the student transcript and provide recommendations on future course selection to maintain the necessary rigor for admissibility, which varies between institutions.


Standardized Testing Review

SAT, SAT Subject Tests, ACT, PSAT, PLAN; what does this all mean and what tests are appropriate? CAC Consultants are experts in understanding and evaluating standardized testing and can make recommendations based on the individual student and their college goals.


Create an Action Plan

We will create an individualized Action Plan for each student that is followed and updated throughout high school to ensure students are prepared for the college admission process. The Action Plan will set goals and deadlines for activities such as test preparation and test taking, resume development, essay writing and application submission.


Developing an Individualized College List

There are over 3500 colleges and universities in the US. Most students are familiar with high profile schools or those located in their home state. CAC consultants have visited hundreds of campuses and understand the culture behind the scenes. We have the ability to recommend campuses, programs and opportunities based on student needs and/or academic abilities.We often suggest colleges that students have no knowledge of and after a visit they find it to be their first choice school.We help students make informed decisions when constructing a college list that includes “Stretch, Target and For-Sure”institutions.


Essay & Personal Statement Development/Evaluation

CAC consultants have read hundreds of essays and know how to help students find their voice and express their unique personality in a college essay. We help students understand who they are and what qualities they want to highlight in their written work.


Resume Development

CAC consultants help students write a resume that illustrates their activities and level of commitment during their high school years. We provide tips to help the reader understand the level of involvement and leadership of their activities. We focus on creating a complete snapshot of the applicant, including details that many students and parents never consider.


Recommendation Letters

CAC Consultants discuss strategy regarding letters of recommendation to help identify the appropriate teachers who will write the strongest letters of support. We provide tools that students can use to communicate with their teachers and counselor regarding how their letters can effectively express their strengths.


Application Review

CAC Consultants help students understand the nuances of an application and provide expert advice on questions that may seem vague or confusing. We help you avoid the pitfalls of submitting an application that is improperly prepared.


Guidelines for College Visits

A college visit can be the most important step in choosing the right college. We provide guidelines and tips for making the most of your time while on campus. It’s never too early to start visiting college campuses.


College Interview Preparation

Our consultants conduct mock interviews so that the student is comfortable, confident and prepared.


Guidance On Admission Decisions

Do you know colleges have different admissions decisions? Early Action, Early Decision, Regular Decision, Rolling Admission……what does all this mean? CAC will provide you the details into each possible option and help determine the best route for your student.


NCAA Recruiting and Compliance

Our NCAA Compliance Specialist helps students understand Division I, II or III college athletic participation and their differences. Our specialist can advise parents and students how to attract the attention of coaches and assemble a sports resume that highlights the athlete’s abilities.