A Tribute to the College Visits

Dear Readers,

The topic for today is the oh-so-intimidating subject of college visits. The meticulously planned out interviews, the drawn-out tours, and already-heard information from the admission’s office of a particular school. If you are a junior or senior on the hunt for college, you know what I am talking about! Yeah, let’s suffer together.

Personally, I enjoy the campus tours, imagining myself at a certain coffee shop studying for a particular class, or predicting which spot I will have with my friends on the main green. The information sessions normally freak me out: numbers being bombarding me; “helpful” hints on how to apply to this certain college, but really the same guidelines as the others.

I have been to roughly 8 college campuses, half with formal tours, and the other half was just visiting with my friends or peeking around the campus for a few hours, spur of the moment. I will describe these college visits in a series of blogs because there are too many memories and stories for just one blog. I will explain where I went, what I did, and how I felt. These are the colleges I have visited and plan to apply to: Trinity College, Brown University, New York University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, College of Charleston, University of Richmond, University of Virginia, and Kalamazoo College. All of these colleges have left me optimistic towards where I will end up and hopeful on the many journey’s my college hunt will send me.

An excited college searcher 🙂